Food labelling

In 2008 the Australian Government commissioned the National Preventative Health Taskforce to make evidence-based recommendations on health policy initiatives. The Taskforce recommended the development of food labelling on front of packaging and on menus to support healthier food choices, with accessible and clear information on energy, sugar, fat, saturated fats, salt and trans fats. A review of food labelling law and policy was also undertaken by the Australian and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council, headed by Dr Neal Blewett AC. In Labelling Logic, the final report of the review (2011), it recommended the development of an interpretive front of pack labelling system for foods, to reflect public health priorities.

The OPC has since been an active participant in the multi-stakeholder process of developing a front of pack labelling system and updates may be found here. We continue to advocate for the prompt implementation of a scheme to help Australians make informed and healthy dietary choices.

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