What we do

Rates of overweight and obesity in Australia have been influenced by changes in the physical, social and economic environment. These changes have led to an obesegenic environment that encourages unhealthy patterns of eating and sedentary lifestyles. Initiatives in neighbourhoods, schools, and communities, together with policy change at the local, state and national level, are needed to create an environment that supports healthy eating and physical activity. 

Stemming the rising rates of overweight and obesity will take concerted action at all levels of civil society, the private sector and government, and a long-term, multi-strategic approach. 

The Obesity Policy Coalition aims to influence change in policy and regulation to help prevent obesity, particularly in children. 

We do this through a number of processes, including:

  • writing policy documents and preparing submissions in relation to policy and regulatory issues that are relevant to obesity, and
  • making complaints about breaches of self-regulatory codes and regulations, particularly in relation to marketing of unhealthy food.

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