Australian Capital Territory

Policies for tackling obesity and creating healthier food environments: Scorecard and priority recommendations for the Australian Capital Territory government



Top 3 things the Australian Capital Territory government is doing well

 Leadership Strong commitments to combat the rise of obesity and overweight in the ACT, with clear targets, detailed implementation plans and regular reporting.
 Food promotion Sustained efforts to reduce promotion of unhealthy food in selected settings.
 Food provision Multiple initiatives to increase the healthiness of school food, mandatory restrictions on unhealthy foods in other government settings.


Top 5 policy recommendations for the Australian Capital Territory government

  1. Food retail: expand existing initiatives to improve availability of healthy foods and limit availability of unhealthy foods in food retail outlets.
  2. Food promotion: continue efforts to restrict the promotion of unhealthy food and beverages in community and sports settings.
  3. Monitoring: actively monitor all aspects of food environments, with a focus on food in schools and public sector settings.
  4. School food: develop and implement healthy food provision guidelines for early childhood settings and non-government schools.
  5. Community education: continue efforts to improve population nutrition through community education and awareness raising strategies.


Policy details

Download the Policy details for the Australian Capital Territory Government (up to 30 June 2016)