Policies for tackling obesity and creating healthier food environments: Scorecard and priority recommendations for the Australian Federal government



Top 5 things the Australian Federal government is doing well

 Monitoring Regular monitoring of population body weight at a national level.
 Food prices No GST on fresh fruit and vegetables.
 Food labelling Development of the Health Star Rating scheme, and regulations on health and nutrition claims.
 Dietary guidelines Food-based dietary guidelines implemented, based on rigorous evidence.
 Governance Procedures for transparency and broad consultation as part of policy development within the Food Regulation System.


Top 7 policy recommendations for the Australian Federal government

  1. Establish obesity prevention as a national priority, with a national taskforce, sustained funding, and regular monitoring.
  2. Develop a National Nutrition Policy, building on the work that has already been undertaken to inform its development.
  3. Implement a health levy on sugar-sweetened drinks, and invest revenue raised into public health interventions.
  4. Implement mandatory time-based (up to 9:00pm) restrictions of unhealthy food advertising on broadcast media.
  5. Fast-track changes to the Health Star Rating scheme to address anomalies/design issues, and make the scheme mandatory for all packaged food by July 2019.
  6. Commit sustained funding and ongoing support for a comprehensive diet and nutrition survey conducted every 5-10 years.
  7. Establish targets for national population dietary intake and for reductions in key nutrients in major food categories.


Policy details

Download the Policy details for the Federal government (up to 30 June 2016)