South Australia

Policies for tackling obesity and creating healthier food environments: Scorecard and priority recommendations for the South Australian government



Top 3 things the South Australian government is doing well

 Monitoring  Regular monitoring of nutrition status and rates of overweight and obesity in South Australian children and adults.
 Food service Regulations to provide kilojoule labelling on menus, steps to improve the healthiness of food through the Premier’s ‘Healthy Kids Menus Initiative’.
 Health-in-all-policies Mechanisms to incorporate population health considerations into policy development processes across the South Australian government.


Top 5 policy recommendations for the South Australian government

  1. Leadership: develop a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan for addressing population nutrition needs in South Australia.
  2. School food: mandate implementation of healthy school food guidelines in all schools, and actively monitor compliance.
  3. Food promotion: implement policies to restrict the promotion of unhealthy foods in settings controlled or managed by the South Australian government.
  4. Monitoring: actively monitor food environments, including marketing of unhealthy foods to children, and food in schools and public sector settings.
  5. Leadership:support local governments to develop and implement plans to create healthy food environments and improve population nutrition.


Policy details

Download the Policy details for the South Australian Government (up to 30 June 2016)