Policies for tackling obesity and creating healthier food environments: Scorecard and priority recommendations for the Victorian government



Top 3 things the Victorian government is doing well

 Funding & resources  Independent statutory health promotion agency (VicHealth) in place that includes a focus on improving population nutrition.
 Food provision Support and training systems to help schools, workplaces and community organisations to provide and promote healthy foods and meals.
 Public education Strong investment in high quality public education campaigns promoting healthy eating.


Top 5 policy recommendations for the Victorian government

  1. Support for communities: establish state-wide structures to support local communities to create and maintain healthy food environments.
  2. Food provision: implement a healthy food procurement and provision policy that applies across all Victorian government departments and settings under government control.
  3. Monitoring: actively monitor food environments, including marketing of unhealthy foods to children, and food in schools and public sector settings.
  4. School food: introduce stronger incentives and accountability mechanisms for schools to comply with healthy food provision policies.
  5. Food promotion: require all organisations that receive funding from the Victorian government to restrict promotion of unhealthy food as a condition of receiving funding.


Policy details

Download the Policy details for the Victorian Government (up to 30 June 2016)