Issues Paper to inform the development of a national food plan
1 September, 2011

The OPC's submission to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry's Issues Paper to inform the development of a national food plan recommended:

  • An overarching approach to food policy and regulation that prioritises public health, in particular the reduction of obesity, overweight and chronic diease 
  • Prioritisation of public health objectives when considering how to minimise regulatory burdens
  • Linkages between the plan and other food related documents
  • Recognition of food advertising as a key driver of childhood overweight and obesity
  • Development and administration of the plan across portfolios, with input from public health group.

The OPC also recommended that the government adopt the recommendations in the Labelling Logic report, investigate options for taxing/subsiding foods to influence consumption, set maximum targets for fat, sugar and salt across food categories (and targets for reduced population intake) and restrict unhealthy food advertising to children.


Awaiting outcome of inquiry.