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McDonald's slammed for offering cash rebates to schools when students buy fast food [ 100%]

17 February 2015

Health groups have today condemned McDonald's for seeking to promote its unhealthy products to children in schools, kindergartens and early childhood centres.

No team spirit: McDonald's breaks promise again by giving fast food vouchers to children [ 99%]

11 November 2014

For the second time in just a few months McDonald's has been found to be in breach of its commitment to refrain from marketing products to children that are not healthy choices after another complaint was upheld by the Advertising Standards Board (ASB).

Planning Act Puts Victorians' Health at Risk [ 50%]

15 July 2013

Community protests in the Dandenong Ranges against the development of a 24-hour McDonald's fast food outlet highlights the urgent need for potential health impacts to be considered in planning decisions, according to the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC).

Mac off – Get junk food out of junior sports [ 38%]

11 May 2012

A coalition of leading health agencies, the Obesity Policy Coalition is calling on the Victorian Government to kick junk food brand promotion out of children's sports in light of the latest incursion by McDonald's into junior football yesterday - the Mac Pack.

Latest opinion poll shows thumbs down for junk food sponsorship of kids sport [ 33%]

13 December 2013

Almost seven out of 10 Australian adults believe the sponsorship of children's sporting activities by fast food chains such as McDonald's and KFC should be restricted, if not stopped entirely.

Junk food and sport don't mix (Daily Telegraph) [ 17%]

19 June 2014

Amid all the good will of the World Cup, there's one particular aspect of high-profile events like the World Cup that has the potential to harm kids: pervasive junk food advertising. Like other major sporting events, the World Cup has sponsorship deals with food companies McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

Free toys have powerful influence on what kids want to eat: study [ 5%]

27 June 2017

New research from Cancer Council Victoria has revealed what food companies have known for decades – that supplying movie character toys with fast food has an enormous impact on what Aussie kids want to eat.

Advertising & marketing [ 4%]

Despite Australian children's high rates of overweight and obesity, there are few controls on advertising practices targeting advertisements for unhealthy foods and beverages to children in Australia and much is left up to self-regulation by the food and beverage industry.