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OPC applauds Greens' policy to phase out junk food advertising from junior sport and outdoor areas [ 51%]

5 September 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition applauds The Greens on the launch of its new plan to combat harmful advertising to children and urges other political parties to follow suit.

Parents duped by sports star endorsement of junk food [ 50%]

15 February 2011

Endorsements by well-known sports personalities and selective nutrition claims on food packaging influence parents to buy unhealthy food for their children, according to Cancer Council Victoria’s new study.

Walt Disney's junk food ad ban exposes TV's influence on kids [ 49%]

7 June 2012

Walt Disney has announced it will institute a junk food advertising ban on programs for children across its networks.

Junk food advertising to kids is rife [ 48%]

19 January 2011

A report released by the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) today highlights how ineffective self-regulation has been in decreasing children's exposure to junk food advertising.

OPC urges Senate to support junk ad bill [ 48%]

21 November 2011

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) has urged all Federal MPs to support a Bill to be introduced into the Senate tomorrow to protect children from junk food advertising.

Post-Olympics: Who really owns our children's sport? [ 48%]

13 August 2012

Amid post-Olympics calls to review Australia's sporting performance, a coalition of health agencies has urged the government to restrict junk food companies from investing in junior sport and instead assist organisations to find more appropriate sponsors.

Sports star endorsement works a treat on junk food packaging [ 47%]

28 May 2013

Claims such as 'Good source of calcium and protein' and sports star endorsements on food packaging do influence children's choices.

Greens Commit to Ban on Junk Food Advertising to Children [ 46%]

9 August 2013

The Greens have confirmed they will target junk food advertisers as part of a preventative health plan to tackle childhood obesity.

ACT Govt gets Gold Star for Action on Sugary Drinks in Schools [ 45%]

21 February 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition has applauded the ACT Government for moving to phase out sugary drinks from government schools therefore removing one of the biggest contributors to extra sugar in children's diets.

Fanta loses fizz: Ad and app pulled for directly marketing to kids [ 45%]

15 July 2015

A Fanta television advertisement and mobile phone app have been pulled after the Advertising Standards Board found they broke the rules by directly marketing an unhealthy drink to children.

Who we are [ 45%]

The Obesity Policy Coalition is concerned about the increasing levels of overweight and obesity, particularly in Australian children.

Tackling obesity: Aussies want change [ 39%]

20 January 2015

New research has revealed that 79% of Australians polled believe if we don't do more to lower the intake of fatty sugary and salty foods/drinks, our children will live shorter lives than their parents.

What we do [ 34%]

The Obesity Policy Coalition advocates to influence change in policy to help prevent obesity, particularly in children, through advocacy on several key issues of focus including advertising and marketing of food and beverages to children, food labelling, and urban planning and health environments.

Actually, we do need a strategy for obesity (Daily Telegraph) [ 24%]

24 August 2017

What if I told you there's a chronic health condition that affects one in four children in Australia, shortening their life expectancy and compromising their mental health as well as putting them at greater risk of social isolation? It's also preventable and is being fostered by the corporate sector, while the federal government sits on the sidelines.

Junk food and sport don't mix (Daily Telegraph) [ 23%]

19 June 2014

Amid all the good will of the World Cup, there's one particular aspect of high-profile events like the World Cup that has the potential to harm kids: pervasive junk food advertising. Like other major sporting events, the World Cup has sponsorship deals with food companies McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

Total 103 articles in this section.
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