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4 in 5 Victorians support kilojoules on the menu: survey shows [ 6%]

10 February 2017

As new figures reveal high rates of overweight and obesity right across the country, the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) is calling for a national obesity strategy to address a serious and widespread weight problem.

Australia making no progress to prevent obesity, alcohol harm: MJA report [ 6%]

4 April 2016

Australia's investment in life-saving health promotion programs now lags well behind many other comparable Western countries, public health experts say.

Media [ 6%]

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The Obesity Policy Coalition has commented on a number of issues in the media and through media releases.

OPC applauds Greens for pledge to implement policies to help tackle obesity in Victoria [ 6%]

13 November 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition has welcomed The Greens' pledge to put prevention at the forefront of its health platform ahead of the Victorian election.

Other policies & laws [ 6%]

Additional areas of policy and law that relate to obesity, discussed in submissions and policy briefs.

Sanitarium proves industry can 'green light' traffic labels [ 6%]

5 April 2011

A proposed front of pack traffic light labelling system launched by Sanitarium today is a big step forward in terms of helping consumers make informed decisions about the food they purchase, according to the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC).

WHO new sugar guidelines: 6 teaspoons a day is the limit for better health [ 6%]

6 March 2015

The release yesterday of the World Health Organization's guidelines around sugar has prompted a coalition of leading health organisations to call for a national strategy around obesity that includes policies to directly impact the amount of added sugars in Australians' diets.

New COAG Report: Obesity tops the list of areas of concern for Australia's future health [ 5%]

12 June 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) is calling for government action to stem the obesity epidemic following the release of the COAG Reform Council's final report on healthcare reform.

Nine in ten consumers give traffic light labels green light [ 5%]

5 September 2011

Research released today by the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) reveals Australian grocery buyers are overwhelmingly (87%) in favour of clearer nutrition labels on packaged food in the form of traffic light ratings.

OPC congratulates Kellogg's for adding Health Star Ratings to cereal products [ 5%]

20 April 2015

The Obesity Policy Coalition is today congratulating Kellogg's on its decision to add Health Star Ratings to its breakfast cereal products.

Overweight and obesity at tipping point [ 5%]

27 May 2011

Figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that urgent government attention is required to tip the scales on Australia's rising obesity epidemic.

Removing sugary drinks from hospitals, health services a positive step [ 5%]

8 June 2017

The Obesity Policy Coalition has applauded the NSW Government for committing to remove all sugary drinks and boost healthy food choices in its hospitals and health services, in a change to take effect from December.

Vic Govt's Healthy Eating Enterprise will help tackle obesity time bomb [ 5%]

6 March 2012

The Obesity Policy Coalition has applauded the Victorian Government's Healthy Eating Enterprise stating it is going to the heart of the issue and tackling some of the key drivers of obesity by integrating and embedding principles around healthy eating where people work, play and live.

Total 103 articles in this section.
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