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OPC Congratulates Food Ministers for supporting Healthy Star Rating Scheme [ 100%]

27 June 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) have congratulated the Ministers at the Food Ministers’ Forum[1] meeting today in Sydney for their support of the Health Star Rating (HSR) system and agreeing to re-establish the website that facilitates the HSR on packaged food.

That's not cricket: Junk food sponsors mentioned more than 1,000 times per match, report shows [ 99%]

28 January 2015

Incredibly large volume of junk food marketing in cricket broadcasts according to a new report from the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC).

Junk food advertising to kids is rife [ 95%]

19 January 2011

A report released by the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) today highlights how ineffective self-regulation has been in decreasing children's exposure to junk food advertising.

Charade of 'responsible' junk food ads worsening [ 90%]

1 December 2015

A new Obesity Policy Coalition report calls for action to protect children from junk food marketing, as profit-hungry food advertisers exploit loopholes in self-regulatory codes.

Labelling forum must put health on front of pack [ 87%]

9 December 2011

The Food Regulation Forum must use the next six months to lead the development of an effective, easy to understand front-of-pack labelling system that puts the health of Australians above corporate profits, according to the Obesity Policy Coalition.

Greens Commit to Ban on Junk Food Advertising to Children [ 86%]

9 August 2013

The Greens have confirmed they will target junk food advertisers as part of a preventative health plan to tackle childhood obesity.

Latest opinion poll shows thumbs down for junk food sponsorship of kids sport [ 84%]

13 December 2013

Almost seven out of 10 Australian adults believe the sponsorship of children's sporting activities by fast food chains such as McDonald's and KFC should be restricted, if not stopped entirely.

Health Star Rating Call on Food Ministers [ 83%]

26 June 2014

The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) and the Obesity Policy Coalition have called on Ministers at the Food Ministers’ Forum1 tomorrow to support the Health Star Rating system and to re-establish the website that facilitates the new Health Star Rating on packaged food.

New research: Killer-joules and traffic lights on fast food menus make for healthier choices [ 82%]

10 April 2013

A coalition of leading health agencies is calling on the Victorian Government to implement kilojoule and traffic light labelling on fast food menus in light of new research showing the combination of information can lead consumers to make healthier choices.

Walt Disney's junk food ad ban exposes TV's influence on kids [ 82%]

7 June 2012

Walt Disney has announced it will institute a junk food advertising ban on programs for children across its networks.

Junk food and sport don't mix (Daily Telegraph) [ 79%]

19 June 2014

Amid all the good will of the World Cup, there's one particular aspect of high-profile events like the World Cup that has the potential to harm kids: pervasive junk food advertising. Like other major sporting events, the World Cup has sponsorship deals with food companies McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

Food labelling [ 78%]

The Obesity Policy Coalition has been an active participant in the multi-stakeholder process of developing a front of pack labelling system.

Food Policy Index [ 78%]

The Food Policy Index developed for Australia assesses the food- and diet-related policies that are in place and identifies gaps.

Mac off – Get junk food out of junior sports [ 78%]

11 May 2012

A coalition of leading health agencies, the Obesity Policy Coalition is calling on the Victorian Government to kick junk food brand promotion out of children's sports in light of the latest incursion by McDonald's into junior football yesterday - the Mac Pack.

Sports star endorsement works a treat on junk food packaging [ 75%]

28 May 2013

Claims such as 'Good source of calcium and protein' and sports star endorsements on food packaging do influence children's choices.

Total 101 articles in this section.
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