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Parents duped by sports star endorsement of junk food [ 100%]

15 February 2011

Endorsements by well-known sports personalities and selective nutrition claims on food packaging influence parents to buy unhealthy food for their children, according to Cancer Council Victoria’s new study.

Fat chance of a fair game: new sports drinks proposal will mislead consumers on nutritional information, experts warn [ 81%]

23 September 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) is warning that proposed changes to food regulations could allow popular sports drinks with nearly as much sugar as soft drink to carry health claims, which could mislead the public into thinking they were healthier choices than water.

Sports star endorsement works a treat on junk food packaging [ 70%]

28 May 2013

Claims such as 'Good source of calcium and protein' and sports star endorsements on food packaging do influence children's choices.

Landmark report sets out ambitious roadmap to tackle obesity and unhealthy diets [ 63%]

20 February 2017

A landmark study involving more than 100 nutrition and policy experts from 53 organisations across the country has identified critical action areas for Australian governments to tackle the rise of obesity through unhealthy diets - now one of the leading causes of preventable death and disability in Australia.

Heinz under spotlight over 'healthy' high-sugar toddler snacks [ 59%]

21 June 2016

Food companies who make misleading health claims on children's products have been put on notice today by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Nine in ten consumers give traffic light labels green light [ 48%]

5 September 2011

Research released today by the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) reveals Australian grocery buyers are overwhelmingly (87%) in favour of clearer nutrition labels on packaged food in the form of traffic light ratings.

Breakfast cereals up to one third sugar: new analysis shows. Health groups call for clear labelling [ 15%]

17 March 2015

Australian cereal manufacturers are potentially misleading consumers by promoting healthy sounding statements on their packaging despite sugar making up more than 35% of the ingredients of some popular brands, a recent survey has revealed.

OPC welcomes ACCC legal action against Heinz for marketing high-sugar toddler snacks as ‘healthy’ [ 15%]

19 March 2018

The Obesity Policy Coalition has welcomed the Federal Court's judgment that Heinz Shredz was being falsely marketed as a healthy snack for toddlers.

United call for traffic lights defies industry objections [ 13%]

28 October 2011

Australia’s leading public health, medical and consumer groups urge governments to put consumers first and green light traffic light labelling.

McDonald's slammed for offering cash rebates to schools when students buy fast food [ 12%]

17 February 2015

Health groups have today condemned McDonald's for seeking to promote its unhealthy products to children in schools, kindergartens and early childhood centres.

Health groups release detailed investigation into failure of junk food marketing codes [ 10%]

12 November 2012

The OPC has released one of the most comprehensive investigations into Australia's self-regulatory system for food marketing ever undertaken, Exposing the Charade.

Kids are sweet enough [ 10%]

Parents deserve to know what's really in the products they're feeding their kids. Sugar is sugar, no matter where it's from and what marketing it's hiding behind. Don't be tricked.

Traffic light labels a win for consumers' health [ 10%]

28 January 2011

A leading coalition of health groups, the Obesity Policy Coalition, has applauded the food labelling review's recommendations for traffic light labelling on front of food packages and fast food menus as a victory for consumers and the health of Australians.

Total 17 articles in this section.
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