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New COAG Report: Obesity tops the list of areas of concern for Australia's future health [ 100%]

12 June 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) is calling for government action to stem the obesity epidemic following the release of the COAG Reform Council's final report on healthcare reform.

OPC welcomes Labor's plan to tackle obesity, chronic disease [ 96%]

20 June 2016

The Obesity Policy Coalition has welcomed Labor's plan to prevent chronic disease but warns more needs to be done to reduce the impact of obesity.

OPC welcomes funding boost for chronic disease and obesity prevention initiatives and research [ 89%]

11 May 2017

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) has welcomed the Federal Budget announcement of $10m for research into chronic disease prevention, $10m for walking interventions and $5 million to enable better GP interventions for patients with obesity, but obesity prevention is still incredibly underfunded.

Federal Government must commit to action plan on obesity prevention [ 85%]

24 October 2013

The Obesity Policy Coalition is calling on the Federal Government to commit to a national action plan to prevent obesity following today's release of figures by the National Health Performance Authority. The report highlights the rapid growth of overweight and obesity in Australia.

OPC applauds Greens for pledge to implement policies to help tackle obesity in Victoria [ 83%]

13 November 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition has welcomed The Greens' pledge to put prevention at the forefront of its health platform ahead of the Victorian election.

Vic report: Obesity crisis grossly understated [ 81%]

27 September 2012

The Victorian Health Monitor has found that obesity prevalence in Victoria has been grossly underestimated. The report found that, when measured, almost 25 per cent of the Victorian population has a BMI in the obese category, which is much higher than the 17 per cent rate based on self-reporting.

New report highlights urgent need for national obesity strategy [ 78%]

8 December 2016

As new figures reveal high rates of overweight and obesity right across the country, the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) is calling for a national obesity strategy to address a serious and widespread weight problem.

Vic Govt's Healthy Eating Enterprise will help tackle obesity time bomb [ 77%]

6 March 2012

The Obesity Policy Coalition has applauded the Victorian Government's Healthy Eating Enterprise stating it is going to the heart of the issue and tackling some of the key drivers of obesity by integrating and embedding principles around healthy eating where people work, play and live.

Health groups release landmark blueprint to tackle key driver of childhood obesity [ 75%]

9 May 2011

The Obesity Policy Coalition has today released the first Australian plan for legislation that offers real protection for children from unhealthy food advertising - one of the key drivers of childhood obesity.

Who we are [ 70%]

The Obesity Policy Coalition is concerned about the increasing levels of overweight and obesity, particularly in Australian children.

Landmark report sets out ambitious roadmap to tackle obesity and unhealthy diets [ 68%]

20 February 2017

A landmark study involving more than 100 nutrition and policy experts from 53 organisations across the country has identified critical action areas for Australian governments to tackle the rise of obesity through unhealthy diets - now one of the leading causes of preventable death and disability in Australia.

Tipping the Scales: We must halt obesity to save Australian lives [ 68%]

19 September 2017

Thirty-four leading community, public health, medical and academic groups have today united for the first time to call for urgent Federal Government action to address Australia’s serious obesity problem.

Partners & funders [ 65%]

The Obesity Policy Coalition was established in 2006 by Cancer Council Victoria, Diabetes Victoria, VicHealth, and the World Health Organization Centre for Obesity Prevention, Deakin University.

Curbing obesity rates in Australia: where is the way forward? (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin) [ 63%]

15 November 2015

Australia’s obesity rates are climbing. The most frightening statistic is that rates in women are rising faster than anywhere else in the world. Bad diet, overweight, and obesity are the leading risk factors for poor health conditions in Australia. These conditions lead to a range of preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Obesity: We know what to do (MJA Insight) [ 63%]

6 June 2016

Over the past decade, Australia’s weight problem has worsened. Since the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) launched in June 2006, we’ve seen a rise in obesity rates among many demographics, while the burden of disease for poor diets and obesity has increased.

Total 117 articles in this section.
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