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New research: Killer-joules and traffic lights on fast food menus make for healthier choices [ 100% ]

10 April 2013

A coalition of leading health agencies is calling on the Victorian Government to implement kilojoule and traffic light labelling on fast food menus in light of new research showing the combination of information can lead consumers to make healthier choices.

United call for traffic lights defies industry objections [ 94% ]

28 October 2011

Australia’s leading public health, medical and consumer groups urge governments to put consumers first and green light traffic light labelling.

Sanitarium proves industry can ‘green light’ traffic labels [ 85% ]

5 April 2011

A proposed front of pack traffic light labelling system launched by Sanitarium today is a big step forward in terms of helping consumers’ make informed decisions about the food they purchase, according to the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC).

Truth in labelling [ 63% ]

The OPC is calling for a mandatory traffic light labelling scheme to enable consumers to make informed and healthier food choices.

Media coverage [ 7% ]

A selection of OPC media coverage across Australia

Labelling forum must put health on front of pack [ 7% ]

9 December 2011

The Food Regulation Forum must use the next six months to lead the development of an effective, easy to understand front-of-pack labelling system that puts the health of Australians above corporate profits, according to the Obesity Policy Coalition.