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Happy Meal website [ 100% ]

18 March 2011

The OPC complained that the McDonald's Happy Meal website,, breached the Quick Service Restaurant Industry Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children (QSRII) because the website is directed to children and Happy Meals do not meet the QSRII nutrition criteria.

Hungry Jack’s Kids Club Meal and McDonald’s Happy Meal [ 100% ]

19 February 2010

The OPC complained that ads for McDonalds Happy Meals and Hungry Jack's Kids Club Meals were broadcast during C and P programs (Totally Wild) and featured premiums (free toys) in breach of the Children's Television Standards.

The McDonalds 'Stuff to Know' ad for Happy Meals promoted Ben 10 Alien Force Action Band toys and Little Miss Pet Shop Accessory Kits with meals. The Hungry Jack's ad for its Kids Club Meals promoted free Simpsons couch toys with meals.

McDonald's Happy Meal TV ads [ 98% ]

6 November 2009

The OPC complained that McDonald’s ‘Box of Fun’ and ‘Cartoon Network’ TV ads for Happy Meals breached the QSRI because they were directed to children, and advertised products that did not meet the QSRI nutrition criteria (the particular products contained in the Happy Meals could not be identified from the ad, and therefore could not be said to meet the QSRI nutrition criteria). The OPC also complained that the ‘Cartoon Network’ ad also breached the premium clause of the QSRI because it advertised free toys with Happy Meals.

No team spirit: McDonald's breaks promise again by giving fast food vouchers to children [ 9% ]

11 November 2014

For the second time in just a few months McDonald's has been found to be in breach of its commitment to refrain from marketing products to children that are not healthy choices after another complaint was upheld by the Advertising Standards Board.

Free toys have powerful influence on what kids want to eat: study [ 7% ]

27 June 2017

New research from Cancer Council Victoria has revealed what food companies have known for decades – that supplying movie character toys with fast food has an enormous impact on what Aussie kids want to eat.