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Back to school warning: ‘healthy’ kids’ fruit drinks contain more sugar than soft drinks [ 56% ]

13 April 2015

Many popular children’s fruit drinks which promote themselves as healthy options have been found to contain up to 7 teaspoons of sugar - even more sugar than for the same amount of Coke.

Opinion piece in Croakey - How long can the Australian Food and Grocery Council peddle junk claims? [ 52% ]

29 June 2011

Croakey opinion piece - AFGC claims about junk food advertising and self-regulation

Charade of ‘responsible’ junk food ads worsening [ 51% ]

1 December 2015

A new Obesity Policy Coalition report calls for action to protect children from junk food marketing, as profit-hungry food advertisers exploit loopholes in self-regulatory codes. The report, End the Charade, highlights the failures of self-regulation by the food and advertising industries, exposing sneaky tactics that are resulting in children being bombarded with junk food advertising.

Heinz under spotlight over ‘healthy' high-sugar toddler snacks [ 50% ]

21 June 2016

Food companies who make misleading health claims on children's products have been put on notice today by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Latest opinion poll shows thumbs down for junk food sponsorship of kids sport [ 50% ]

13 December 2013

Almost seven out of 10 Australian adults believe the sponsorship of children's sporting activities by fast food chains such as McDonald's and KFC should be restricted, if not stopped entirely.

Kellogg pulls Coco Pops ad after OPC complaint [ 48% ]

24 June 2013

A complaint made by the Obesity Policy Coalition about a Kellogg's TV commercial directed to children has been upheld by the Advertising Standards Board this week and the ad has been removed from viewing.

Health groups say parents & kids will benefit from ACT Greens' junk food ad commitment [ 47% ]

12 September 2012

The OPC has backed an election commitment announced today by the ACT Greens to restrict junk food advertising directed at children. The proposed plan would mean junk food advertising was no longer able to be shown on TV when large numbers of children are watching.

Milo 'Hey Gilly' CD-Rom TV ad [ 47% ]

18 May 2007

The OPC complained to Network Ten and the Australian Communications and Media Authority that an ad for Milo, which featured Adam Gilchrist and promoted a free 'Hey Gilly' cricket CD-Rom, breached the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice and the Children's Television Standards because it was dominated by a premium offer (the free CD-Rom).

See the OPC's complaint to Network Ten here

See the OPC's complaint to ACMA here

Hog's Breath TV ad [ 47% ]

27 July 2011

The OPC complained that a Hog's Breath TV ad breached the Australian Association of National Advertisers' (AANA) Food Code as its content and placement during children's programs was contrary to prevailing community standards on unhealthy food advertising to children, and undermined the importance of healthy diets.

The advertisement featured a young girl and fun imagery and was broadcast during children's programs, including Totally Wild and Saturday Disney. The OPC asked the ASB and AANA to encourage Hog's Breath to become a signatory to the Quick Service Restaurant Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children and to cease advertising to children.

Kraft Chips Ahoy TV ad [ 47% ]

13 July 2011

The OPC complained that the Kraft's Chips Ahoy TV ad breached the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (RCMI) because the advertisement was directed to children, was broadcast during programs/movies directed to children (Happy Feet, Power Ranges and Fantastic Four) and because Chips Ahoy do not represent a healthy dietary choice consistent with established scientific or Australian government standards.

The advertisement featured animated cookies driving a car and singing.

Total 162 articles in this section.
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