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[ 47% ]

Unilever Paddle Pop ad found in breach of responsible marketing to kids code [ 46% ]

7 December 2016

Australia’s independent advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has found Unilever in breach of the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative (RCMI) after a complaint by the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) was upheld.

McDonald's slammed for offering cash rebates to schools when students buy fast food [ 46% ]

17 February 2015

Health groups have today condemned McDonald's for seeking to promote its unhealthy products to children in schools, kindergartens and early childhood centres.

Streets Paddle Pops website and TV ad [ 45% ]

10 February 2010

The OPC complained that the website and TV ad for the Streets Paddle Pop ‘Lick-a-prize’ promotion breached the AANA Food Code and Children’s Code because they featured a premium (the chance to win prizes), they were likely to mislead children to believe that the products being promoted were the prizes, they encouraged excessive consumption of Paddle Pops, and they created pester power.

See the OPC's complaint about the Paddle Pops website here

See the OPC's complaint about the Paddle Pops TV ad here

Smarties TV ad [ 45% ]

7 September 2010

The OPC complained that the ad breached the RCMI because it was directed primarily to children and Smarties are not a healthy dietary choice. The ad, which featured children having fun while helping artists create Smarties inspired artworks, was intended to appeal to children’s creativity, imagination and sense of fun, and was broadcast during The X Factor, which is watched by very high numbers of children.

Kellogg’s LCM Bars TV ad [ 45% ]

24 December 2009

The OPC complained that an ad for Kellogg's LCM bars was directed to children and LCMs are not a healthy snack for children. The ad features primary school-aged children in a schoolyard trying to guess the flavour of an LCM bar. It shows excited children flocking to betting stations to place their bets, and cheering when a boy finally guesses the correct flavour. The ad depicts LCM bars as causing great excitement among young children, and as attracting the attention and envy of a child’s peers.

OPC applauds Greens' policy to phase out junk food advertising from junior sport and outdoor areas [ 45% ]

5 September 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition applauds The Greens on the launch of its new plan to combat harmful advertising to children and urges other political parties to follow suit.

Streets Paddle Pop TV ad [ 45% ]

10 February 2010

The OPC complained that a Streets Paddle Pops ad featured a premium (competition to win toys and holidays) and was likely to have been broadcast during C and P programs in breach of the Children's Television Standards (it was frequently broadcast in the mornings between 7am and 12 pm, including during school holidays).

The ad promoted a competition to win prizes by buying Paddle Pops and matching prize codes on Paddle Pops sticks. A voice-over spoken in a young child's voice encouraged children to ‘get licking' to win the prizes and one million free Paddle Pops on offer.

Hog's Breath website [ 45% ]

27 July 2011

The OPC complained that a Hog's Breath website, breached the Australian Association of National Advertisers' (AANA) Food Code as it is contrary to prevailing community standards on advertising unhealthy food to children, and undermines the importance of healthy diets.

The website features an animated hog that promotes unhealthy foods, including burgers, fries and soft drinks to children. It also features children's games and images to download and colour in.

Total 162 articles in this section.
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