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Australia should follow UK with 20% sugary drinks tax [ 8% ]

17 March 2016

The Federal Government should implement a 20% tax on sugary drinks to improve the health of Australians and reduce the burden of chronic disease, according to Jane Martin, Executive Manager, Obesity Policy Coalition.

Corporate wealth wins over consumer health: labelling review [ 8% ]

30 November 2011

The Federal Government has bowed to food industry pressure by rejecting traffic light labels in its response to the Labelling Logic review today, according to Jane Martin, senior policy adviser for the Obesity Policy Coalition.

OPC congratulates Kellogg’s for adding Health Star Ratings to cereal products [ 8% ]

20 April 2015

The Obesity Policy Coalition is today congratulating Kellogg’s on its decision to add Health Star Ratings to its breakfast cereal products.

Opinion piece in Sydney Morning Herald: Poor diet the No.1 obstacle in fight obesity [ 8% ]

23 May 2014

Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece by Jane Martin

Unhealthy snack bars don’t reveal health rating: survey [ 8% ]

16 May 2016

More than 63 per cent of snack bars on major supermarket shelves do not display the Government-led Health Star Rating System and some manufacturers only use the stars on high-rating products, a new survey from the Obesity Policy Coalition has revealed.

On the menu for next Vic Govt: Better fast food labelling, less junk in kids’ sport & beefed up planning laws [ 8% ]

18 July 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition today called on all Victorian political parties to commit to taking action towards stemming the burden of lifestyle-related chronic disease in Victorian communities with the launch of its 2014 state election policy platform Next Steps: building on the prevention system to address overweight and obesity in Victoria.

Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups: 'Made with real fruit' claims [ 8% ]

21 November 2005

In November 2005, the OPC organisations complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission about Uncle Tobys’ marketing of its ‘Fruit Roll-Ups’. The complaint alleged that Uncle Tobys was marketing its Fruit Roll-Ups as if they were fruit in a flattened form or the equivalent of real fruit, and therefore as healthy as fruit (when in fact they contained little fruit and were very high in sugar). Therefore, Uncle Tobys' conduct was misleading and deceptive, and breached the Trade Practices Act.

Opinion piece for Sunday Age [ 8% ]

26 July 2009

Opinion piece for Sunday Age

Public supports tougher regulation of unhealthy food advertising [ 7% ]

16 November 2011

93% of South Australians agree the time has come to put a stop to unhealthy food producers from targeting kids through glitzy television ads and marketing ploys.

OPC welcomes relaunch of Health Star Rating website [ 7% ]

6 December 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition has welcomed the Federal Government's move to re-launch the website that facilitates the Health Star Rating label system on packaged foods.

Total 42 articles in this section.
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