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Policy brief: Food advertising voluntary codes [ 83% ]

The food industry’s voluntary advertising codes fail to protect children from exposure to unhealthy food advertising. The codes do not apply to the highest rating children’s programs, do not cover all forms of promotion, do not apply to all food advertisers, and contain unclear and inadequate nutrition criteria. Compliance with the codes is not monitored, there are no sanctions for breaches, and provisions of the codes are narrowly interpreted by the Advertising Standards Board. Legislation is needed to protect children from the detrimental effects of unhealthy food advertising.

Mac off - Get junk food out of junior sports [ 82% ]

11 May 2012

A coalition of leading health agencies, the Obesity Policy Coalition is calling on the Victorian Government to kick junk food brand promotion out of children's sports in light of the latest incursion by McDonald's into junior football yesterday - the Mac Pack.

Public supports tougher regulation of unhealthy food advertising [ 82% ]

16 November 2011

93% of South Australians agree the time has come to put a stop to unhealthy food producers from targeting kids through glitzy television ads and marketing ploys.

Labelling forum must put health on front of pack [ 80% ]

9 December 2011

The Food Regulation Forum must use the next six months to lead the development of an effective, easy to understand front-of-pack labelling system that puts the health of Australians above corporate profits, according to the Obesity Policy Coalition.

OPC Congratulates Food Ministers for supporting Healthy Star Rating Scheme [ 79% ]

27 June 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) have congratulated the Ministers at the Food Ministers’ Forum[1] meeting today in Sydney for their support of the Health Star Rating (HSR) system and agreeing to re-establish the website that facilitates the HSR on packaged food.

That's not cricket: Junk food sponsors mentioned more than 1,000 times per match, report shows [ 78% ]

28 January 2015

A new report from the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) has revealed the incredibly large volume of junk food marketing in cricket broadcasts.

OPC encourages fast food chains to follow KFC's example [ 78% ]

25 August 2011

Today’s announcement by KFC Australia that it will no longer provide toys with children’s meals has been welcomed by the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC), who urged other fast food companies to follow suit.

Policy brief: Food advertising to children [ 77% ]

There is substantial evidence that food and beverage advertising influences the types of foods children desire, demand and consume. Advertising of unhealthy food to children also undermines healthy eating messages from parents, schools and government, affects children’s ability to establish healthy eating patterns, and is likely to contribute to overweight and obesity in children.

The Obesity Policy Coalition recommends that legislation should be introduced (by federal and/or state governments) to prohibit television advertising of unhealthy food on television at times when a significant number of children are likely to be watching - on weekdays from 6–9am and 4–9 pm, and on weekends and school holidays from 6am–12pm and 4–9pm.

Legislation should also prohibit all other forms of promotion of unhealthy food to children, including via print, radio, internet, cinema, outdoor media, direct marketing (email, SMS or direct mail), product packaging, or point of sale promotions.

Health coalition applauds Tasmania for taking the lead on junk food ads [ 77% ]

10 May 2011

The Obesity Policy Coalition has applauded Tasmanian Minister for Consumer Protection, Nick McKim, for taking the lead in protecting children from junk food advertising by calling for an investigation today.

Food Policy Index [ 77% ]

The Food Policy Index developed for Australia assesses the food- and diet-related policies that are in place and identifies gaps.

Total 171 articles in this section.
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