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OPC applauds Greens' policy to phase out junk food advertising from junior sport and outdoor areas [ 47% ]

5 September 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition applauds The Greens on the launch of its new plan to combat harmful advertising to children and urges other political parties to follow suit.

Australians 180,000 tonnes overweight & gaining 5,000 tonnes per year [ 47% ]

8 July 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition called for a national coordinated action plan to address the obesity issue, following the release of a new "state of the nation" report by Roy Morgan Research this morning.

Removing sugary drinks from hospitals, health services a positive step [ 46% ]

8 June 2017

The Obesity Policy Coalition has applauded the NSW Government for committing to remove all sugary drinks and boost healthy food choices in its hospitals and health services, in a change to take effect from December.

Charade of ‘responsible’ junk food ads worsening [ 46% ]

1 December 2015

A new Obesity Policy Coalition report calls for action to protect children from junk food marketing, as profit-hungry food advertisers exploit loopholes in self-regulatory codes. The report, End the Charade, highlights the failures of self-regulation by the food and advertising industries, exposing sneaky tactics that are resulting in children being bombarded with junk food advertising.

Health groups release detailed investigation into failure of junk food marketing codes [ 46% ]

12 November 2012

Today, the Obesity Policy Coalition, a coalition of leading health bodies, has released one of the most comprehensive investigations into Australia’s self-regulatory system for food marketing ever undertaken.

OPC welcomes relaunch of Health Star Rating website [ 46% ]

6 December 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition has welcomed the Federal Government's move to re-launch the website that facilitates the Health Star Rating label system on packaged foods.

Australia making no progress to prevent obesity, alcohol harm: MJA report [ 46% ]

4 April 2016

Australia's investment in life-saving health promotion programs now lags well behind many other comparable Western countries, public health experts say.

National Preventative Health Taskforce - Discussion Paper [ 46% ]

24 December 2008

The National Preventative Health Taskforce invited submissions on its discussion paper ‘Australia: The Healthiest Country by 2020' and supporting Technical paper ‘Obesity: a need for urgent action'. These papers recommended a range of interventions aimed at halting and reversing the rise of obesity and overweight in Australia by 2020, including restrictions on unhealthy food advertising to children, improved food labelling requirements and a review of the taxation system to improve access to healthier foods/ discourage consumption of unhealthy foods.

The OPC's submission outlined its support for the proposed strategy to address overweight and obesity. It also recommended that:

  • Any coordinating body should be linked to the life of the strategy, implement outcomes, measures and targets and co-ordinate action and research
  • Realistic targets, including mediator targets, should be set
  • Food companies should be required to disclose financial and marketing information
  • Comprehensive restrictions should apply to all forms of marketing of unhealthy food to children under 16 years, and Nutrient Profiling should be used to determine whether a food is ‘unhealthy'.
  • Front of pack traffic light labelling should be introduced and nutrient profiling should be used to determine whether a product is unhealthy or not.
  • The public service should act as model environment for health.

Staff [ 45% ]

OPC welcomes Coalition Government’s pledge to invest in obesity prevention programs [ 45% ]

18 November 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition has congratulated the Coalition Government for its pre-election commitment to tackle rising rates of obesity and associated health conditions in Victoria.

Total 176 articles in this section.
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