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Back to school warning: ‘healthy’ kids’ fruit drinks contain more sugar than soft drinks [ 5% ]

13 April 2015

Many popular children’s fruit drinks which promote themselves as healthy options have been found to contain up to 7 teaspoons of sugar - even more sugar than for the same amount of Coke.

Greens Commit to Ban on Junk Food Advertising to Children [ 5% ]

9 August 2013

As part of a policy announcement, the Greens have confirmed they will target junk food advertisers as part of a preventative health plan to tackle childhood obesity.

Letter for The Sunday Age - 30 March 2008 [ 5% ]

On 23 March 2008, The Sunday Age published an opinion piece by Chris Berg from the Institute of Public Affairs, titled 'Nanny state ad bans won't stop kids liking junk food. The belief that free will is crushed by advertising is nonsense.' The OPC sent the following letter in response.

LCM Split Stix [ 5% ]

27 August 2013

We argued the advertisement is directed primarily to children because it combines the viewpoints of happy young children with ideas of adventure, whimsy and fun, including detailed depiction of a school classroom, paper planes and animated pigeons.

The OPC complained that this 2013 Kellogg's TV advertisements for LCM 'Split Stix' breached the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative because it was directed primarily to children and promoted a product that was not a healthy dietary choice, being very high in sugar. 

The ad is shown from the viewpoints of happy young children, using images including a detailed depiction of a school classroom, paper planes flying around the school building, and an animated pigeon looking on in surprise. 

Letter to The Sunday Age [ 5% ]

30 March 2008

Letter to The Sunday Age

OPC applauds Greens' policy to phase out junk food advertising from junior sport and outdoor areas [ 5% ]

5 September 2014

The Obesity Policy Coalition applauds The Greens on the launch of its new plan to combat harmful advertising to children and urges other political parties to follow suit.

Mac off - Get junk food out of junior sports [ 4% ]

11 May 2012

A coalition of leading health agencies, the Obesity Policy Coalition is calling on the Victorian Government to kick junk food brand promotion out of children's sports in light of the latest incursion by McDonald's into junior football yesterday - the Mac Pack.

Nine in ten consumers give traffic light labels green light [ 4% ]

5 September 2011

Research released today by the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) reveals Australian grocery buyers are overwhelmingly (87%) in favour of clearer nutrition labels on packaged food in the form of traffic light ratings.

Hungry Jack's website [ 4% ]

29 August 2011

The OPC complained that the promotion of the Hungry Jack's Kids Club and meals on the Hungry Jack's website,, breached the Quick Service Restaurant Industry Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children (QSRII) because the website is directed to children and meals depicted on the website do not meet the QSRII nutrition criteria.

Total 45 articles in this section.
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