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Mainland Munchables TV advertisement [ 24% ]

4 July 2007

The TV ad for Mainland ‘Munchables' featured a mother nagging her son about the contents of his lunchbox and telling him not to eat any junk. The OPC and Young Media Australia made a joint complaint to the ASB about the ad on the grounds that it breached AANA Food Code because it negatively portrayed mothers' attempts to encourage their sons to eat healthily, in a way that aimed to undermine parents in their role of guiding diet and lifestyle choices.

Kellogg Nutri-Grain Iron Man TV ads [ 24% ]

16 June 2009

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain ‘iron man’ TV ads featured a young man growing up into an iron man, and claimed that “as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise, Nutri-Grain has what it takes to help build your son into an Iron Man.” A further ad featured an iron man exercising in extreme conditions, and claimed that Nutri-Grain has “carbos for energy, protein for muscle development and calcium for bone strength...” The OPC complained that the ads were misleading and deceptive in breach of the AANA Food Code and the AANA Code of Ethics, because they created an overall impression that Nutri-Grain is healthy, good for, and beneficial to the active lifestyle of, children and young people (when in fact it is high in sugar and salt and low in fibre  and not a healthy breakfast cereal for children and young people).

Uncle Toby’s Roll-Ups ‘Fruba News’ email and website [ 24% ]

18 May 2007

Uncle Tobys sent an email newsletter promoting Roll-Ups to children who had registered on the Roll-Ups ‘Frubalia' website. The newsletter and website told children to 'ask mum or dad' to buy Roll-Ups to enter competition to win prizes, including a Playstation, Sony camera and iPod.

The OPC complained to the ASB that the email and website breached clauses 3.5 (pester power) and 3.7 (premiums) of the AANA Food Code (because they told children to ask their parents to buy the product, and because they were dominated by a premium offer (entry to the competition and chance to win prizes).

Hungry Jack’s Kids Club Meals - Golden Compass TV ad [ 24% ]

14 February 2008

The OPC complained that the ad breached the premium provision of the AANA Food Code because it was directed to children and promoted free Golden Compass animal character toys with Kids Club Meals, and that it breached the pester power provision of the Code because it encouraged children to pester parents to take them to Hungry Jack's in order to buy the meal with the toys.

Policy brief: Food advertising to children [ 20% ]

There is substantial evidence that food and beverage advertising influences the types of foods children desire, demand and consume. Advertising of unhealthy food to children also undermines healthy eating messages from parents, schools and government, affects children’s ability to establish healthy eating patterns, and is likely to contribute to overweight and obesity in children.

The Obesity Policy Coalition recommends that legislation should be introduced (by federal and/or state governments) to prohibit television advertising of unhealthy food on television at times when a significant number of children are likely to be watching - on weekdays from 6–9am and 4–9 pm, and on weekends and school holidays from 6am–12pm and 4–9pm.

Legislation should also prohibit all other forms of promotion of unhealthy food to children, including via print, radio, internet, cinema, outdoor media, direct marketing (email, SMS or direct mail), product packaging, or point of sale promotions.

Opinion piece for The Age [ 8% ]

9 September 2009

Opinion piece for The Age

Opinion piece in Sydney Morning Herald: Poor diet the No.1 obstacle in fight obesity [ 8% ]

23 May 2014

Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece by Jane Martin

Opinion piece to The Age: World Consumer Rights Day [ 7% ]

15 March 2008

Opinion piece to The Age

Letter to The Age [ 7% ]

15 May 2009

Letter to The Age

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