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How many times have you been misled by high-sugar, high-calorie products featuring claims such as 99% fat-free?

Do you agree Australian consumers have a right to see at a glance how healthy a product is so they can make an informed choice about the food they buy?

Following an independent review of the evidence around food labelling by former Federal Health Minister, Dr Neal Blewett, traffic light labelling on packaged food was recommended to the Australian government. You can read the report and recommendations here.  In response, the Australian and state governments are now leading a collaborative process to develop an interpretive front of pack labelling system by the end of 2012. See the government response here.     

If you are sick of confusing claims on food packaging and wish to see a system like traffic lights implemented, let the government know today.

Fill out the form below to send an email to your state health minister. A copy of this email will also be sent to Catherine King MP, Chair of the Ministerial Council tasked with reviewing food labelling. Please note when you complete this form you are also indicating your interest in receiving further updates and information from the OPC. Please note you can unsubscribe at any time from these updates.

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