Traffic Light Food Tracker Widget

How many times have you been supermarket shopping and found yourself standing in the aisle, product in hand, trying to understand what the nutritional label is telling you? There is a really simple solution to better understanding what’s in packaged food - introducing the Traffic Light Labelling system.

This website widget demonstrates how Traffic Light Labelling on packaged food would work.

How to use:

1.Choose your food product and find the nutrition information label on the back or side of the pack.

2.Look for the per 100g info and enter amounts into the relevant boxes below.

3.You will then be given a traffic light rating for each: red for high, amber for medium or green for low.

4.Click on the individual traffic lights for more info about what each rating means.

Basically, the more green lights, the healthier the choice!

Using the widget:

Embed this widget into your website by clicking the ADD TO WEBSITE button on the widget and then pasting the code displayed onto your blog or website. (We would love to know if you use the widget or have some feedback. Email us.

Check out the Traffic Light Food Tracker App

Want to download the Traffic Light Food Tracker App? Do so here.