Brands off our kids

Every child should be able to play, learn and live in a world that supports and promotes their health and wellbeing.

Right now, the processed food industry spends millions of dollars every year targeting Australian children with marketing for unhealthy food in every aspect of their lives. But as big food companies make more and more profit as a result, it is our children’s health that is at risk, now and into the future.  

Our community expects governments to put the health of children before corporate profits. That includes setting higher standards to protect children from the processed food industry’s unhealthy food marketing. The need and support for urgent government action is clear. Four actions will protect all Australian children from the processed food industry’s unhealthy food marketing. The time to act is now.

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A growing number of organisations and individuals are signing up to support government action to protect children from unhealthy food marketing:


Ultra Lite Weight Management
Queensland Association of School Tuckshops
Colac Area Health
Dental Hygienists Association of Australia Ltd.
Inner East PCP
Bellarine Community Health
Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
Eat for You
Dental Health Services Victoria
Healthy Greater Bendigo
Life Education Victoria
Healthy Australia
Daley Nutrition
Health Consumers' Council WA
Australian Dental Association
Nourished Beginnings
Rural and Remote Medical Services
Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership
Food Fairness Illawarra
Healthy Cities Illawarra
The George Institute for Global Health
Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), Deakin University
That Sugar Movement
Health Futures Australia
SugarFree Smiles
Nutrition Australia
Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
Cancer Council Victoria
Cancer Council NSW
Australian Council on Children and the Media
Diabetes Victoria
Global Obesity Centre, Institute for Health Transformation, Deakin University
Diabetes Australia
Parents' Voice
Cancer Council Australia
Public Health Association of Australia
Dietitians Australia


Anna Andrews
Ken Brownlie
Mikala Atkinson
Lauren Keane
Invisible Partners
Kirsty Bear
Certified Instructor
The Root Cause
Nicole Wilks
Helen Preston
Foster Carer
Irene Rowe
Griffith University
Mikaela Felstead
James Muecke
Sight For All
Rebecca Sanderson
Lynette Campbell
Lynne Millar
Senior Lecturer
Curtin University
Deanne Wooden
Senior Project Officer - Nutrition
Queensland Association of School Tuckshops
Jess Gaukrodger
Vikki Nash
Michelle Wilde
Love Your Health Australia
Christopher Steffanoni
Aligned Sports Therapy
Lauren Bais
Diabetes Victoria
Clare Collins
Director of Research, School of Health Sciences, College of Health, Medicine & Wellbeing
University of Newcastle
Natalie Hannan
Professor; Laboratory Head | Associate Dean Diversity and Inclusion
University of Melbourne
Donna Prez
Victoria Hobbs
Daniel Jakeman
anya bell
Melanie Cathie
Fitness Business Owner & Trainer
Jemima Lotika
Health Promotion Officer
Nicole Gooshel
Brendan Aikman
Nicole Ward
Trudi Kyrou
Dental Assistant, Mother
Ric Thompson
PE Teacher
Clifton Springs Primary School
Judy Margolis
Lauren Beckwith
Liz Womersley
Leanne McFarlane
Bellarine Community Health
Zoe Taylor
Parent and Healthy Communities Planner
Lauren Shearman
Park Ranger
Vicki Perrett
Aleksandra Warzel
Health Promotion Dietitian
Fiona Cadorel
Healthy and Connected Communities Planner
Bellarine Community Health
Liz Dando
Project Support Worker
G21 - Geelong Region Alliance
sean olsder
Nicole Robertson
Warwick Friendly Society
Sue Henderson-Smart
Charlotte Lentfer
Jacqueline Grgurevic
Sophia McKenzie
Tracey Blythe
Executive Officer
Inner East Primary Care Partnership
Julian Cleary
Leanne Elliston
Amanda Valenti
Bernadette Healy
Angela Robinson
Victoria Hobbs
Lisa Kelly
Michelle Riekie
Public Health Nutritionist & Mum
WA School Canteen Association
Paola Milton
Laura Boehm
Healthy Communities Planner
Bellarine Community Health
Nereda Merrin
Nutritionist / Nutrition Communications
Julie Smith
Jennifer Lutze
Elissa Munro
Jenny Mckibben
Oral Health Promotion Coordinator
Oral Health Services Tasmania
Georgia Allen
Medical Radiations Practitioner
Amanda McGrath
Monique Boatwright
Margaret Morris
Sam robb
social worker
Star Health
Melanie Leney
Melanie Leney
Kristen Clark
Makie Fuse
James Muecke
Australian of the Year 2020
Sight For All
Kaye Kendall
Kaye Kendall Periodontal Health
Som-Ling Leung
Centre Street Dental
Aimee Hampton
Hillmorton High School
Rebecca Southurst
Sarah Southam
Hannah Croughan
Mother (and local govt Community Wellbeing Officer)
Health Promotr
Star Health
Patrick Lander
Principal Lecturer in Health and Sport Science
Eastern Institute of Technology, NZ
Lucinda Damiano
Elyse Burchell
Early childhood educator
Lauren Purser
Healthy Communities Planner
Bellarine Community Health
Teryl Tumai
Public Health studen
Ian Epondulan
Oral Health Therapist
Michelle Taylor
Lesley Carter
Rosi Johnston
Katrina Banning
Infant and Child Sleep Consultant
Demelza Diacogiorgis
Manami Henderson
Dietitian/ Health Promotion Officer
Laura Williams
Sandra Brastein
Sharon Clifford
Monash University
Libby Gott
Dana Thomson
Sof Kap
Samantha Kiorgaard
Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy
Jane Stewart
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Danya Flori
Belinda Vaughan
Prevention and Population Health Officer
Vic Crombie
Health Promotion Officer
Central Bayside Community Health Service
Tamara Patterson
Amanda Collins
Greenfork Urban Farming
Wendy Mahbubani
University of Queensland
Kylie De Cean
Alexa Whitehorn
Public Health Nutritionist
Katherine Ditchburn
Community engagement officer
Connect health
Daniella Brasacchio
Jessica Gray
Diabetes educator
Solid foundations health
Claire McKenna
Robert Steadman
Maddison Ippolito
carly lentowicz
James Muecke
Australian of the Year 2020
Sight For All
Catherine D
Veronica Nunez
Senior Health Promotion Officer
Cancer Council Victoria
Katrina Nurse
Health Promotion Professional
Glen Eira City Council
Antoinette White
Dental Hygienist
Lync Consulting
Tracey Collins
Partnership Lead
Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership - Healthy Eating Working Group
Jasmine Mannix
Karyn Knight
Community and Health Planner
City of Stonnington
Sally Hanks
Bodywise Nutrition
Julian Cleary
Rachel Laws
Associate Professor Public Health Nutrition
Deakin University
Josie Marshall
Deakin University
Caroline Amirtharajah
Health and Wellbeing Planner
City of Ballarat
Hannah Opeskin
glenn reeves
Steph Trenfield
Dietitian/Health Promotion Project Manager
Seymour Health
Gabrielle Francis
Alisha Brooks
Health Promotion Officer
Lauren Dempsey
Prevention Coordinator
Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership
Angie McKew
Intake/Admin Officer
Grampians DisAbility Advocacy
Laura Duff
Public Health Nutritionist
Latrobe Community Health Service
Lisa Thomson
Manager, Population Health and Wellbeing
Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
Karen Campbell
Sophie Blackmore
Lena Huda
Maree Tait
Katherine Maryjewski
Coordinator Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Service
Cockburn Integrated Health
Leonie Cranney
Research associate
The University of Sydney
Kara McDonnell
Claire Rennie
Achievement Program Coordinator
Cancer Council Victoria
Melanie Walterz
DNA Nutrition Grouo
megan Powell
Frances Turland
Matthew West
Meredith Jay
Amy Herrett
Meg Pethybridge
Trish Rimmer
Patricia Rimmer Dental ptyltd
kelly kennington
Holi Catton
Credentialled Diabetes Educator - Remote Indigenous Health context
Sarah Marshall
PhD researcher and dietitian
Melinda Edmunds
Kirsten Scott
GP, mum
Teresa Villani
Janet Jackson
Tracy Nau
Julie Parkinson
Michelle Kindstrom
Nutritionist and mother
Nisarga Gandhi
Heilok Cheng
Research assistant
The University of Sydney
Robyn Tindall
Public Health Nutritionist
Catriona Robinson
Mother, dietitian
Alison Burrill
Jo Money
Elinor Palmer
Shriya Sira
Amy Carrad
Naomi Mason
Georgie Khan
Diabetes Victoria
Marian McAllister
Lecturer Teaching Specialist Flinders University
Flinders University
Jennie Friebel
Community Health Dietitian, mother of 4 children.
Mark Wrigley
Liz Dukes
Kelly Hayes
Daphne van der Bend
PhD candidate
University of Newcastle, School of Health Sciences
Paige Welton
Brittany Hangan
chi wan tse
student dietitian
flinders university
Elliott Da Silva
Soraya Williams
Rachel Melton
Dietitian and Mum
Margaret Rafferty
Jessica McClean
Ainslie Sartori
Obesity Policy Coordinator
Cancer Council WA
Kate Beer
Veronica Perera
National Alliance for Action on Alcohol
Rachael Green
Research Fellow
Monash University
Robyn Landais
Mother of two kids and aunty to four (and a wife).
My life / my kids life
Laura Marsh
Project Officer
Seonad Madden
University of Tasmania
Magdalena Wozniak
Nutrition student
Clare Mullen
Deputy Director
Health Consumers' Council WA
Lauren Bais
Accredited Practising Dietitian
Diabetes Victoria
Rachael Cavanagh
Policy & Projects
Rosemary Stanton
Public health nutritionist
Kaye Kendall
oral health professional
HK Kendall Periodontal Health
Kate Williams
Laura Paulsen
Healthy Communities and Nutrition Manager
Cancer Council Victoria
Angela Robinson
Carl Boundy
Mona Bjelland
Special advisor
The Norwegian Cancer Society
Carina Alm
special adviser
Norwegian Cancer Society
Casey Luttrell
Kelly Kennington
Obesity Prevention Manager
Cancer Council WA
Jessie Holt
Ex Smile Solutions Manager
Smile solutions
Paula Goodyer
Freelance Journalist
Paula Goodyer
James Muecke
Australian of the Year 2020
Sight For All
Kym Lang
Lead, Victorian Oral Cancer Screening & Prevention Program
Pragya Kandel
Monash University
Bron Mandile
Christina Zorbas
Jo Salmon
Director, Institute for Physical Activity & Nutrition
Deakin University
Rob Moodie
Deputy Head of School
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
Kostas Hatzikiriakidis
Research Assistant
Monash University
Raquel Henson
Nutrition Educator
Holly Beswick
Senior Project Officer
Hiba Jebeile
Research Dietitian
Mel Sav
Priscila Machado
Research Fellow
Deakin University
Michelle Putt
Media Advisor
Monash University Health and Social Care Unit
Heidi Bergmeier
Claire Blewitt
Research Fellow
Monash University
Kashmira Lal
Public Health nutritionist
Petra Hooyenga
Sarah Jackson
Senior Legal Policy Adviser
Cancer Council Victoria
Brittany Pennay
Pragya Kandel
Monash University
Amy Ferguson
Director, Strategy, For Purpose
For Purpose
Stephanie Pirotta
Monash University
Imogen Winsborough
Communications Assistant
Helen Skouteris
Professor in Health and Social Care Improvement, Monash University
Monash University
Deepa Dhital
Senior Evaluation Officer
Margaret Rozman
Manager - Healthy Eating Advisory Service
Nutrition Australia
Taryn Kennedy
Brittany More
Cancer Council WA
Aman Bajania
registered Nurse with Obesity Management Service
Canberra Health Services
Shadia Djakovic
Public Health Advocate, Dietitian
James Stevens-Cutler
LiveLighter Senior Campaign Coordinator
Cancer Council WA
Helena Teede
Carly Moores
Researcher and Registered Nutritionist
Jaithri Ananthapavan
Senior research fellow
Deakin Health Economics
Helen Dixon
Principal Research Fellow
Cancer Council Victoria
Maree Meuwesen
Clinical Pharmacist & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Michelle Gilmore
Stuart Wells
Bridget Foley
Aimee Brownbill
helen clifford
Health Promotion
Ashleigh Haynes
research fellow
Cancer Council Victoria
Alex Chung
Research Fellow
Monash University
Lubna Razak
Research Officer
Amy Rossignoli
Public Health Nutritionist
Louise Baur
Professor of Child & Adolescent Health, University of Sydney
University of Sydney
Wendy Watson
Cancer Council NSW