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Coco Pops TV ad

25 June 2013


The OPC complained that this 2013 Coco Pops TV advertisement breached the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative because it was directed primarily to children and promoted a product that was not a healthy dietary choice, being very high in sugar. 

The ad showed animated Coco Pops having a pool party in a bowl of milk and playing 'Marco Polo', with children's laughing voices heard. The voiceover says 'when Coco Pops and milk come together, it's all fun and games, right down to the last chocolatey drop!'



The Board found the ad was directed primarily to children under 12, using childlike language and voices. It was also held the ad did not depict the product in the context of a healthy lifestyle. The complaint was upheld and the advertisement was removed from broadcast.

See ASB decision