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Fanta Crew TV, app and website

9 July 2015


The OPC complained that the TV ad, app and website breached the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (RCMI) as they were directed primary to children and promoted a product that did not represent a healthier choice.

The TV ad, app and website were each part of a marketing campaign to promote Fanta via the 'Fanta crew' – a group of cartoon characters, each with their own profile, who like to hang out with their friends, be a bit mischievous but most of all have fun!

  • The TV ad features the Fanta Crew talking about 'what their Fanta tastes like'. For example, the first character says her Fanta tastes like 'an awesome ride' and a rollercoaster is visible in the background. The second character says his Fanta tastes like 'a bubble explosion', featuring two cartoon figures jumping into a large container of orange bubbles (presumably Fanta). 
  • The Fanta 'Fruit Slam 2' app opens with bottles being filled with oranges and depicts the 'Fanta crew' drinking Fanta. By clicking on the Fanta crew various games can be played, including catching fruit that is thrown and otherwise featuring oranges and other fruit.
  • The website features videos, downloads and the 'Fanta Crew'. The 'videos' page included a Fanta advertisement, featuring the Fanta Crew (no longer available). The 'downloads' page includes fun screen savers and wallpaper to download, featuring the Fanta Crew. The 'Meet the Fanta Crew' features the images and profiles of each of the characters. For example, Maude - 'A hip, inquisitive girl who's known to find beauty and fun in the things around her. She's one for the simple pleasures in life and loves to giggle. Her friends know they can look to her for where the party's at'.


Complaint regarding TV ad and app UPHELD

The ASB considered the TV ad to be directed primarily to children given the images used (particularly of animated characters riding on a roller coaster and then jumping into a pool filled with bubbles, and at the park with friends) which would be of primary appeal to younger children who aspire to be teenagers, as well as the simplistic and child-like style language used. In relation to the app, the ASB considered the interactive game to be directed primarily to children aged 9-12 years given it featured cartoon style characters having fun and doing things children in this age group would aspire to do as they are close to becoming teenagers (i.e. going to the beach with friends), and for reason of its colourful nature and simplicity.

Read the ASB's decision on the Fanta TV ad

Read the ASB's decision on the Fanta app  

Complaint regarding website DISMISSED

The website complaint was dismissed on the basis that the absence of any interactive element or games (and featuring of downloads and nutrition information) would limit the appeal of the website overall to children under 12. It found that "the overall theme of the website was one of colour and including ‘cool' looking characters, that would have some appeal to children but was not directed primarily to children". It referred to its determination on the TV ad and app but distinguished the website on the basis that the characters are introduced with descriptive text and stationary images which may appeal to children but are not directed to children. It also considered the language used to be more complex and therefore not aimed at children.

Read the ASB's decision on the Fanta website