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Heinz Little Kids Fruit & Veg Shredz – claims of real fruit and vegetables content



The OPC complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that the claims regarding fruit and vegetable content made on the toddler food products, Heinz Little Kids Fruit & Veg Shredz, were misleading and deceptive. The complaint concerned the claims of ‘99% fruit and veg’ together with the product’s packaging showing pictures of real fruit and vegetables, which the OPC believed led consumers to develop an impression that the product contains predominantly real fruit and vegetables and were equivalent nutritionally to real fruit and vegetables. In reality, the Heinz Shredz products contained only fruit paste, purees and concentrates. The products contained 70% added sugar rather than 99% fruit and veg and was not a healthy product for toddlers.  


The ACCC commenced legal action in 2016 in the Federal Court of Australia against Heinz in respect of the claims made on the Heinz Shredz products, on the basis that the claims are misleading and deceptive in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law. The case was heard in July 2017. The ACCC is awaiting the decision.

See the ACCC’s media release.