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LCM Split Stix

27 August 2013


We argued the advertisement is directed primarily to children because it combines the viewpoints of happy young children with ideas of adventure, whimsy and fun, including detailed depiction of a school classroom, paper planes and animated pigeons.

The OPC complained that this 2013 Kellogg's TV advertisements for LCM 'Split Stix' breached the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative because it was directed primarily to children and promoted a product that was not a healthy dietary choice, being very high in sugar. 

The ad is shown from the viewpoints of happy young children, using images including a detailed depiction of a school classroom, paper planes flying around the school building, and an animated pigeon looking on in surprise. 



The Board agreed that the advertisement would be attractive to children because of the playground setting, but overall found it was not directed primarily to children under 12, but was directed to parents or those responsible for buying groceries.  The RCMI did not apply and no action was taken in relation to the advertisement.

See the ASB decision