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McDonalds McValue Pack TV ad



The OPC complained that the ad breached the AANA Food & Beverages Advertising & Marketing Communications Code (Food & Beverages Code) because it undermined the importance of healthy lifestyles, undermined the promotion of healthy balanced diets and encouraged what would reasonably be considered as excess consumption.

The advertisement depicted a family of two adults and one child going to McDonald’s together and choosing to share a McDonald’s Family McValue Box (4 burgers, 4 small soft drinks and a ‘family size’ fries). The advertisement told the story that the new Family McValue Box is perfect for all occasions and activities as the advertisement was part of a series where the Family McValue Box was eaten in various family settings: watching the football, going on a road trip and walking on the weekend and midweek dinners.  The advertisement concluded with the statement “McDonald’s Family McValue Box, made for midweek dinners, made for families”.


Complaint dismissed.

The Board noted that promotion of a product with a particular nutritional composition (in this case, high fat and high sodium) does not of itself suggest an advertisement is undermining the importance of a healthy or active lifestyle.  In this case, the Board held that the advertisement did not disparage other food choices or exercise, or undermine a healthy lifestyle.  With respect to excessive consumption, the Board held that although the ad showed three people sharing a Family McValue Box (for four people) the amount of food was not disproportionate for the number of people at the table - there was no suggestion that any family member ate more, or less, than their fair share of the meal.  Further, the Board considered that the advertisement did not suggest that the Family McValue Box should be eaten regularly or by one person only.  Therefore, the Board held that the advertisement did not encourage excess consumption.  

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