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McDonald's vouchers distributed at University of Sunshine Coast Basketball Club (under 10s and under 8s)

9 October 2014


The OPC complained that distribution of these vouchers breached the Quick Service Restaurant Initiative (QSRI) because the vouchers were advertising communications, directed primarily to children and distributed at a sporting event.

The vouchers were printed on certificates handed out to recipients of "McDonalds Team Spirit Awards" at the University of Sunshine Coast Basketball Club in Queensland (USCBC).  The recipients have been participants in the Under 10 and Under 8 competitions. The vouchers were for "a free cheeseburger meal or seared snack wrap, apple bag and small orange juice."  The photo on the voucher depicted a cheeseburger, soft drink (Coke) and French fries.



The ASB agreed that distributing these vouchers to children, at a children’s sporting event, for products that do not meet the nutrition criteria, breached S1.5 of the Code.

Read the ASB's decision.