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Nestle Milky Bar Kids website

27 July 2011


The OPC complained that the Nestle Milky Bar Kid competition website, at www.milkybar.com.au , breached the Australian Association of National Advertisers' (AANA) Food Code as it was contrary to prevailing community standards and undermined the importance of healthy diets. Recognising that the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (RCMI) does not apply to company owned websites, the OPC nevertheless asked the ASB to encourage Nestle to cease promoting Milky Bars directly to children and to withdraw the website.   

The website promoted the search for the new "Milky Bar Kid" competition. If featured young contenders and encouraged children to vote for their favourites. It also featured fun activities for children and promoted milky bars.



The ASB decided that the website did not breach the AANA Food Code as it advertised the Milky Bar Kid competition to adults. It also stated that advertising a chocolate is not of itself contrary to prevailing community standards, nor does it undermine the importance of a healthy diet. The ASB confirmed that the RCMI does not apply to company owned websites.

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