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Nestle Wonka Cookie Creamery Chocolate Block

7 July 2014


The OPC complained that the TV ad breached the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (RCMI) as it was directed primarily to children and promoted a product that did not represent a healthier dietary choice.

The ad featured a family reading a book that turned into chocolate, flew across the sky and could be eaten. The family was then seen sailing across the sky in a hot air balloon past rolling hills and a colourful castle. The word 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' floated across the sky, apparently made from chocolate.  The final shot depicted the product "Wonka Cookie Creamery" and slogan "Live a little Wonka" and directs viewers to "Like Us on Facebook".



The ASB found that the ad “would be attractive to children but considered that it would also be attractive to an older teen, young adult and chocolate lover audience”. In particular, it considered the theme of the advertisement to be complex, the animations not to be based on known characters and therefore not of primarily appeal to children and the language to be of more appeal to young adults. It also considered the reference to the Willy Wonka story and considered that prior knowledge of the book would be required to understand the link, indicating a nostalgic approach targeted more towards an older, young adult audience or a parent audience, than an audience of children under 12. 

Read the ASB's decision.