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Oreo Wonder Filled TV ad

11 April 2014


This TV ad for Oreo cookies depicted an animated wolf is shown about to blow down a house containing three pigs. He is handed an Oreo, whereupon the scene changes and he is instead using his breath to blow on the sail of a boat he is sharing with the pigs.

The OPC argued the ad breached the industry self-regulatory code because it was directed primarily to children and promoted a product that was not a healthier dietary choice. Sugar is the first-listed ingredient in Oreos, constituting 40.4% of the product. Oreos also contain 10.5% saturated fat, and 19.8% total fat.


The ASB initially dismissed the complaint, finding the fast-moving animated sequence would not be easily followed by children, and that the ad was not directed primarily to children, but to adults. Two months later the decision was overturned following reconsideration of the issue by the ASB at the recommendation of an independent reviewer.

View the decision here.