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Paddle Pop Dragon Pop Icy Poles

4 November 2014


The OPC complained that the Unilever TV advertisement for Paddle Pop Dragon Pops Icy Poles screened on Nickledeon was directed to children and for a product that did not represent a healthier dietary choice in breach of the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (RCMI).

The ad featured the Paddle Pop lion and children's themes. It also promoted a competition to (1) win tickets to Magilika (movie) and a voucher for the CandY Bar, and (2) win tickets to Slimefest. 



The ASB accepted that the advertisement itself was directed primarily to children and that it was advertised via a medium (Nickelodeon) directed primarily to children. However it determined (following comments from the ‘independent arbiter’) that the product did represent a healthier dietary choice as it complied with the nutrition criteria set out in the Fresh Tastes @ School NSW Healthy School Canteen and the criteria in Unilever’s Company Action Plan.

The ad was nevertheless found to breach the RCMI as it was directed primarily to children and did not encourage both good dietary habits and physical activity.

Read the ASB's decision.