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Streets Paddle Pop TV ad

February 2010


The OPC complained that a Streets Paddle Pops ad featured a premium (competition to win toys and holidays) and was likely to have been broadcast during C and P programs in breach of the Children's Television Standards (it was frequently broadcast in the mornings between 7am and 12 pm, including during school holidays).

The ad promoted a competition to win prizes by buying Paddle Pops and matching prize codes on Paddle Pops sticks. A voice-over spoken in a young child's voice encouraged children to ‘get licking' to win the prizes and one million free Paddle Pops on offer.


UPHELD IN PART (no findings of breach recorded)

ACMA held that the advertisement featured a premium (competition) and that the reference to the premium was more than merely incidental to the product advertised. Given the ad was broadcast more than twice during a C period, it breached the CTS. However, no breach finding was recorded given previous advice by the Australian Broadcasting Authority that competitions did not constitute premium offers. ACMA took a different view, finding that the offer of a chance to win prizes by purchasing a product or service may constitute a premium. It was satisfied that the aim of the offer was to induce the purchase of paddle pops. 

The Children's Television Standards Guide will be amended to make it clear that the chance to win competition prizes can fall within definition of premium.

See ACMA's investigation report.