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Food labelling

The Health Star Rating System (HSRS) is a voluntary, interpretative, front-of-pack labelling (FoPL) system which rates the healthiness of products using a 5-star scale and aims to encourage consumers to make healthier food choices.

The HSRS was developed through a collaborative process involving government, industry, public health and consumer stakeholders. This process began in 2011, following the 2011 Comprehensive Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy (Blewett Review). This review recommended that an interpretive FoPL system be developed that is reflective of a comprehensive nutrition policy and agreed public health priorities.

The HSRS was introduced in July 2014 as a voluntary scheme and it is to be reviewed after two years and again after five years. The Health Star Rating Advisory Committee has commenced the five year review of the HSRS which is due in July 2019.

Policy briefs

Improving the effectiveness of the Health Star Rating System

Describes the evolution and operation of the Health Star Rating System (HSRS) and makes suggestions for improvements to the HSRS.

Problems with the Daily Intake Guide labelling scheme

The voluntary Daily Intake Guide labelling scheme is not effective to guide consumers to healthier food choices and should be replaced by the HSRS.

Kilojoule labelling on menus in chain fast food outlets in Australia

This policy brief explores evidence of the impact of clear chain fast food menu labelling on diet, both in Australia and internationally and considers legislative actions undertaken in Australia.


Five year review of the Health Star Rating System

The OPC contends that while the HSRS is effective overall, there are significant flaws in the system, and suggests improvements which would ensure the HSRS fulfils its potential to be an important instrument to inform consumers and motivate their purchasing behaviour toward healthier choices.

Comprehensive review of food labelling laws and policy

The process and outcome of the Comprehensive Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy.

Victorian Government proposal to display kilojoule content on menus in chain fast food outlets

The OPC supports introduction of a kilojoule menu labelling scheme in Victoria and makes recommendations for certain amendments to the proposed bill including extending the coverage of the scheme.

Review of the form of food ('as prepared') rules in the Guide for Industry for the Health Star Rating System Calculator

The OPC’s submission contends that the current practice, which allows ingredients to be considered when calculating HSR for foods prepared according to on-label directions, is potentially misleading. The OPC recommends that the current ‘as prepared’ rules be replaced by a new option whereby the HSR of products would be calculated on the basis of products ‘as sold’, apart from products that are required to be drained or reconstituted with water prior to consumption.