What you can do

What you can do

There are a range of policies that decision makers can implement to reduce the enormous strain excess weight and poor diets are having on the nation's physical and economic health. An agreed platform of practical, evidence-based actions, Tipping the Scales, has been put together by more than 35 leading community, public health, medical and academic groups calling for urgent Federal Government action to address Australia's serious obesity problem.

We've put together a selection of available resources and tips for action that you can take – from letting policy makers know how you feel, to driving change in your community and educating yourself and your family.

For anyone inspired to make a call for policy changes


Contact your MP

Contact your state or federal MP

Letter in an envelope

Write a letter

Write to the editor of your local newspaper, highlighting your concerns about the impact of obesity and poor diet on your community. GetUp! has a practical guide online


Raise your concerns

Raise your concerns with your local council/school/sporting club/workplace and offer some practical tips and ideas for making healthy changes. Be inspired by what other organisations are doing about sugary drinks specifically on the Rethink Sugary Drink website

For schools, workplaces and organisations wanting to implement healthy changes


Achievement Program

(VIC only) An accreditation program for workplaces, early childhood services and schools

Bowl of fruit

Make Healthy Normal

Make Healthy Normal (NSW-based) has a list of programs which can help workplaces


Rethink Sugary Drink

Rethink Sugary Drink has a toolkit for workplaces and tips for schools to help them go sugary-drink free

Movie reel

Critics’ Choice

Rethink Sugary Drink also runs Critics’ Choice so teachers can educate students in years 5 to 10 about the health impacts associated with regular sugary drink consumption

For health professionals who want to help patients and further their skills


LiveLighter for professionals

Resources designed to help patients and the community make healthy changes and to enable health professionals to learn more about obesity, healthy eating and LiveLighter


Rethink Sugary Drink for professionals

Latest data, guidelines, publications, case studies and other resources to educate professionals about sugary drinks. The settings resources page has some useful guidelines and suggestions

For individuals and families who want to make healthy changes

LiveLighter website


Meal and activity planners, healthy recipes, food label reading guide, sugary drinks calculator and more to help you lead a healthier lifestyle


LiveLighter for families

Tips and resources to help families get healthy at school, at home and while out and about

Video on a mobile phone

Rethink Sugary Drink

Watch videos and read infographics showing how much sugar is in sugary drinks, learn tips for cutting back on sugary drinks, use the sugary drink calculator to see how far you’d have to walk to burn off your intake


Make Healthy Normal

Healthy recipes, tips, a quiz and more to challenge perceptions of what is normal and help create a new, healthy normal